Book Dr. Laura Louis As A Consultant
Book Dr. Laura Louis As A Consultant

I work with businesses, organizations & individuals to:

  • Improve worker productivity

  • Oversee mergers

  • Provide counseling on personal issues as well as counseling on leadership, and management

  • Conduct needs assessment

  • Conduct career assessments such as Meyers Briggs Type Indicators Assessment (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

  • Provide training on diversity and effective Communication

I Will help you answer questions like:

  • What (business) challenges are you facing?

  • What is keeping you from the results you want?

  • What behaviors need to be different in team members or colleagues to accomplish the results?

  • What patterns are you playing with the other persons (or others with you)?

  • Is the pattern effective? If not, how does it detract from your success?

  • What loose ends around decision making, participation and so forth need to be clarified?

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk and discuss the possibilities

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Dr. Laura Louis
Dr. Laura Louis

What clients have to say about me!

“Excellent seminar, learned so much I’m going to put into practice. Dr. Louis is a dynamic and interesting presenter.”

J. Ramirez

“Gained additional insights, good use of videos. Dr. Louis was excellent. She is a humorous speaker. She is friendly and approachable.”

N. F

“Good reminders and helpful tips to use with couples. Dr. Louis is a very good speaker, well organized, managed time well and participants were engaged in all facets of the presentation”


I learned how to reframe the conversation…


Don’t wait any longer, because time is a precious commodity

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