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Hire Dr Laura Louis To Speak

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Dr. Louis has 10+ years of experienced licensed psychologist, speaker and consultant. She’s the owner/CEO of Gifted Counseling, LLC; a well-knowing practice located in Atlanta, Georgia. Her approaches have influenced people, organizations, businesses and companies all over the world

Dr. Louis is one of the most sought international speakers, psychologists, and consultants alive today! She is affectionately called the ‘Marriage Architect.’ As the CEO of Atlanta Couple Therapy, she provides counseling to couples, transformation retreats and seminars.

Dr. Louis is also known for providing relationship blueprint for couples looking to heal after infidelity, cultivate better intimacy, and enhance communication. She has conducted hundreds of seminars worldwide; including Brazil, Mexico, Asia, Europe, Africa and Haiti. Her latest book, Marital Peace, is used as a tool to guide distant couples through marital challenges so they can start experiencing the love they desire.

As a member and trainer for the American Psychological Association, she trains psychologists and provides Continuing Education. Her signature program ‘Mending Broken Fences’ is used to provide training to corporations, community organizations, and universities in the United States and overseas.


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Dr. Louis' Signature Topics

  • Mending Broken Fences: The Blueprint to Loving After Betrayal
  • Mastering the Art of Relationships from the Boardroom to the Bedroom
  • Five Secret Principles to Reaching Marital Peace
  • Fighting Fair: Seven Principles to Ending a Fight
  • How to Experience GREAT Intimacy: What Most People Do Not Know About
  • College Talk: Five Ways to Recognize a Jerk or Jerkette

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“Excellent seminar, learned so much I’m going to put into practice. Dr. Louis is a dynamic and interesting presenter.”

J. Ramirez

“Gained additional insights, good use of videos. Dr. Louis was excellent. She is a humorous speaker. She is friendly and approachable.”

N. F

“Good reminders and helpful tips to use with couples. Dr. Louis is a very good speaker, well organized, managed time well and participants were engaged in all facets of the presentation”


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